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DHL Singapore and Cirque du Soleil premiere two new acrobatic acts in TOTEM!


The two new fascinating scenes were made possible by its Official Logistics Partner DHL, who has had determining influence on the speed of the creation efforts and the artistic evolution of the TOTEM production – a first in Cirque du Soleil’s history.

With its efficient international shipping services, DHL played an important role in the final stages of creation of Contortion and Escalade, the two new acts of TOTEM, by transporting the specifically-designed props from various parts of the world, including Romania and the United States. The requirements when conceiving structures for acrobatic performances are extensive and very unique. The choice of materials and suppliers is influenced by the needs of the artists and the important safety and technical parameters that have to be taken into consideration.

Extensive research and the production of prototypes are essential to validate the different material choices, durability, look and the comfort of the artists. DHL helped Cirque du Soleil’s props team transporting all the pieces needed to Perth, Australia – TOTEM’s latest tour stop – in time for the artists to train numerous hours on the apparatuses in order to premiere the acts in Singapore.

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