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DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Centre: Pioneering the Future of Logistics in Asia

DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Centre: Pioneering the Future of Logistics in Asia


Singapore’s DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Centre (APIC) is a beacon of cutting-edge logistics technology and innovation. Since its launch in 2015, APIC has played a crucial role in reinventing supply chains and shaping the future of logistics in the Asia Pacific region.

A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration

APIC is one of DHL’s four global innovation centres, joining its counterparts in Troisdorf (Germany), Chicago (USA), and Dubai (UAE). The centre showcases a range of emerging technologies that are set to transform logistics, including robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins, big data, and blockchain.

Beyond being a mere exhibition space, APIC serves as a dynamic research hub. It actively drives the exploration of future logistics trends and facilitates workshops and tours for customers, partners, and thought leaders. This collaborative approach allows stakeholders to engage directly with the latest innovations and explore their practical applications in solving real-world logistics challenges.

Leadership with a Vision

In March 2024, Tay Yi Ning took the helm as the new Head of APIC. With nearly 20 years of expertise in customer relations at DHL, Yi Ning is well-positioned to advance APIC’s mission. Her leadership is focused on strengthening APIC’s role as a reference point for futuristic logistics solutions. Under her guidance, the centre aims to enhance innovation-focused customer engagements and foster collaborative partnerships that integrate new technologies into viable logistics operations.

Evolving Focus and Capabilities

Since its inception, APIC has continually evolved. Launched initially to showcase emerging logistics technologies, the centre has broadened its scope to include driving research on future logistics trends. APIC now offers tailored workshops and custom tours, allowing customers and partners to delve into the latest innovations and their applications.

Significant investments in APIC further underscore DHL’s commitment to innovation. The initial S$10 million investment in 2015 established the centre as DHL’s first innovation hub outside Germany. Today, APIC features cutting-edge technologies like autonomous robotics, augmented reality, drones, autonomous vehicles, and predictive maintenance solutions aimed at transforming logistics operations.

Driving the Future of Logistics

APIC’s mission is to simplify complex technologies and develop commercially viable solutions that address business problems and enhance customer experiences. By connecting customers, partners, and solution providers, APIC facilitates the integration of new technologies into scalable logistics solutions. This collaborative ecosystem supports DHL’s overarching goal of constant innovation to meet evolving customer needs and shape the future of logistics.

The Logistics Trends Radar 6.0, an active knowledge platform promoted within APIC, exemplifies this commitment. Widely adopted and adapted by various organisations, the DHL Logistics Trends Radar (LTR) helps identify and align with technological developments and trends in the logistics industry.

Commitment to Sustainability and Excellence

A notable aspect of DHL’s innovation strategy is its commitment to sustainability. APIC supports DHL’s goals by integrating critical sustainability practices into its innovation agenda. By promoting the early adoption of emerging technologies, APIC helps create intelligent business solutions that enhance operational efficiency and address environmental concerns. This focus on sustainability ensures that DHL’s logistics solutions are innovative and environmentally responsible.


Since its launch, the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Centre has grown significantly in scope, leadership, global connections, and technological capabilities. It is a testament to DHL’s dedication to collaborative innovation and vision for future-ready logistics solutions. As APIC continues to drive forward-thinking initiatives, it solidifies its position as a pivotal player in the logistics landscape, not just in the Asia Pacific but globally.

APIC’s integration of advanced technologies, commitment to sustainability, and focus on customer-centric innovation make it a critical hub for logistics transformation. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, APIC’s role in shaping the future of supply chains remains indispensable. Embark on this transformative journey with DHL and discover how innovation can drive your business forward.