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Debunking Myths about Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain

Debunking Myths about Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain


There are various reasons why someone is attracted to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain. Some say that the big industry has a lot of opportunities for career advancements. Also, with the broad scope of business, the huge numbers of different level of employees required and the fact that it deals globally, are some factors that make a logistics career seems so promising.

However, there are several misconceptions relating to a career in the logistics industry and today, we shall take a look at 5 myths about the industry.

Myth #1: Difficulties in getting job opportunities in this industry

Storage, warehousing transportation, distribution, delivery, freighting, and customer service require skilled employees in executing a smooth operation. Thousands of job seekers are competing, and it might be difficult to get one of the job positions offered.

If you are looking to embark a career in logistics and supply chain, you should plan early and take related courses. Also, additional seminars or training might be needed to sharpen your current skills. Other than getting the right skill set, you will also need to be up-to-date on the industry trends and in the meantime, constantly be building your network with people in the same circle.

Adequate educational background, experience and training will make you stand-out. With the help of the many job portals out there focusing on this industry, it is easier for you to log on and look at opportunities from such niche job portals. Take a look at to land your dreaming job!

Myth #2: There is no other sector for people in logistics to opt for other career options.

For those who took up logistics and supply chain education, there are a lot of other industries which offer a wide variety of job positions that require your type of education background. Airlines, postal, transportation and manufacturing companies are big industries which require the largest pool of employees. Also, same goes for other industries such as computers, shipping, and freight.

Myth #3: No employment opportunities for people without specialised qualifications

Same like other industries, logistics and supply chain do need people from different courses background. For example, if you have a degree in business, it could be required for management roles, same goes for technical roles where relevant certification could be needed. Likewise, customer service is also an important part of the industry. Thus, if you have experience or taking short courses in such capacity, it will enhance your chances in being offered employment in the industry.

Myth #4: Jobs in this industry moves around

Primarily, positions in the transportation department. However, this sector also offers many positions that require you to be stationed at your desk / office. Certain positions in warehousing too!

Myth #5: Careers in logistics are only suitable for transportation professionals

Similar to Myth #3, to ensure smooth daily operations, a variety of employees from different education backgrounds are needed as the whole operation would require the different expertise to manage the different roles, requirements and knowledge. Thus, even without a qualification specialised towards logistics or supply chain, you can still be able to carve a career out in this industry.

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