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Cloud fuelled data centre spending growth to US$150bn in 2018

Cloud fuelled data centre spending growth to US$150bn in 2018


Synergy Research Group (SRG) says a 30 per cent spike in public cloud spending the data centre hardware and software market grow to US$150bn in 2018. In addition, the requirement for ever-richer server configurations also drove up enterprise server average selling prices.

Spending on enterprise data centre infrastructure grew by 13 per cent in part driven by the 23 per cent growth in private cloud or cloud-enabled infrastructure, which helped to offset a marginal decline in traditional, non-cloud infrastructure.

In terms of market share, ODMs in aggregate account for the largest portion of the public cloud market, with Dell EMC being the leading individual vendor, followed by Cisco, HPE and Huawei. The 2018 market leader in private cloud was Dell EMC, followed by Microsoft, HPE and Cisco.

Private cloud or cloud-enabled infrastructure accounted for a little over a third of the total. Servers, OS, storage, networking and virtualisation software combined accounted for 96 per cent of the data centre infrastructure market, with the balance comprising network security and management software.