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Career Fields in Logistics and Supply Chain Management You Should Know About

Career Fields in Logistics and Supply Chain Management You Should Know About


Are you pursuing a degree and have the ambition to build your career in logistics and supply chain management? Or are you a fresh graduate who wants to have a challenging career in logistics? If so, we have collated some valuable information you need to know about the different career fields in this industry!

Job Description and Entry level positions

Logistics and supply chain management focuses on a timely delivery of goods, as well as the unloading and unpacking of the cargo and making sure that they into the hands of the right consumers. From this general job description, it is clear about what things you would deal with when pursuing a career in this business such as manufacturing, packaging, shipping and the customers.

The qualifications needed for the different career paths may vary, from high school diploma for material recording/shipping clerks positions to bachelor degree in logistics or related studies for the logisticians. Meanwhile for the heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver, no particular qualifications are required, but one needs to get a professional driving license.

Other than the above three occupations, you can also take on careers such as customer service, distribution, planning the schedule for transportation and delivery of goods, and also as an operation clerk who provides administrative tasks for the overall operation.

Next, let’s delve into the advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Jobs.

General Management

A general manager has a great responsibility towards the logistics company, doing actions based on a specific analysis to achieve the optimal outcome. As you can guess, this career field comes with a challenge and also a good salary package. To handle such important functions, the person ought to have economic, administrative and clerical knowledge, balanced with human resource, sales and customer service as well. For those who are fresh graduates, it seemed to be quite a challenge, but this could be the target for your future career in the next several years as your experiences and capabilities will grow too!

Operations Management

This position is often compared similarly to a CEO of a company. The operations manager is responsible for long-term projects, including planning and production of a business operating system. The good news is that an operation manager could be taken on by those who have a bachelor degree in any study, but once again, the experience would determine one’s capability.

Project Management

Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing are 5 processes a project manager has to deal with and be there at each stage of the process. This career field needs qualifications relating to engineering, construction computing, telecommunication and architecture.

Business Sustainability and Green Operations

This career fields focus on running the business and how not to affect the environment negatively. If you are now pursuing a degree in logistics, business management, environmental science, accounting and civil engineering, this career field might be suitable for you.

The above are an overview of career fields in the logistic and supply chain management industry. Focus selectively on one position that suits your educational background and passion, then pursue it!

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