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BMW investing in South Korean aftermarket logistics

BMW investing in South Korean aftermarket logistics


BMW’s division in South Korea is investing KRW30bn ($24.7m) to improve logistics at its Anseong parts distribution centre. The company is enlarging the existing facility to 88,000 sq.m, an expansion of more than 30,000 sq.m. In doing so it said it would build on the availability of 86,000 parts and improve delivery times to the aftermarket.

BMW Korea said part of the investment being made would be in upgrading its parts supply processes, from ordering parts to receiving, storing and shipping. The Anseong facility provides same-day delivery by 5pm on parts orders taken early in the day, with a next-day delivery service by 7am on orders taken later.

The company has also announced plans to improve productivity and efficiency by building smart logistics systems that actively use artificial intelligence and by introducing automated processes to some of the logistics systems.