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Alcott Global Announces Leaders in Supply Chain Awards

Alcott Global Announces Leaders in Supply Chain Awards


October 3-4, Barcelona and Calls for Nominations

Alcott Global is rewarding excellence in the global Supply Chain industry at the first annual Leaders in Supply Chain Awards Gala, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, October 3-4, 2022, featuring leading global Supply Chain C-level executives.

Global trade hit a record high of $28.5 trillion last year, according to UNCTAD. Additionally, the global pandemic, geo-political turmoil, regulatory pressures to reduce environmental impact, price volatility, and the ripple effects of global bottlenecks increased the complexity of the role Supply Chain executives play in the modern corporation and, subsequently, in global economies. Whilst the career of a Supply Chain Executive has never been for the faint of heart, there is today a newfound admiration for these women and men and the criticality that their leadership plays.

Alcott Global, the premier global Executive Search company in the Supply Chain and Logistics space, is launching the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards to celebrate exceptional leadership amongst these professionals and is now inviting supply chain practitioners worldwide to cast their nominations for the leaders they admire and who have made a significant contribution in their organization. The nominations will include people that have demonstrated leadership capabilities and that are seen as influencers and trailblazers in their profession. The nominations and submissions are open on the event page until August 15. The top 30 Supply Chain leaders and the finalists will be revealed on September 15. 

Submissions should address how the nominee’s leadership has led to a quantifiably more diverse and engaged workforce, to a practical impact using digital technologies, and to clear results in terms of innovation in sustainability. The prestigious Alcott Global Awards promises distinctive industry recognition and unparalleled engagement with top Supply Chain experts from all over the world. 

The members of the Award Committee/Jury are: 

  • Beth Morgan, Founder & CEO boom!
  • Daniel Stanton, author of Supply Chain for Dummies and professor at Bradley University
  • Radu Palamariu, Managing Director, Alcott Global
  • Raul Portera da Cunha, Operating Partner, Alteri investors

The overall presentation of the business case, relevant details, the clarity of the message and most importantly, the context will be evaluated at this stage. The methodology is developed by the members of the Jury and after reviewing these nominations, the nominees should provide more details to build their case studies.

In addition to the Gala Awards, there are a number of other important moments included in the two-day event, ensuring that there is an open forum to discuss the actual trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Supply Chain industry, with specifics for each continent.

“I am in constant contact with Supply Chain leaders, and I see their challenges and needs when talking about the Industry trends,” says Radu Palamariu. “This event is meant to reward the Leaders and the role they have in inspiring their teams, in adopting the digital technologies at a broader scale, in constantly innovating in sustainability, at the end reaching or overachieving businesses goals. 

Alcott Global has interviewed hundreds of Supply Chain leaders in various countries about the importance of networking, dialogue, advising each other, and, of course, celebrating each other’s results. Thus, the format for this event is unique and I am confident that we will continue to recognize and reward Leaders and their initiatives each year.”

About Alcott Global

Alcott Global provides Executive Search and Training solutions for the world’s top companies in eCommerce, supply chain, logistics, and tech in transportation with offices in Singapore and Switzerland. Their global projects include the US, LATAM, European and Asian markets – all with unique regional challenges. They are a long-term partner for their clients in attracting, retaining, and developing supply chain and logistics talent. Their latest projects, the launch of the Alcott Global Supply Chain Academy and the Supplify platform ( are tools enabling them to be true to their vision of connecting and upgrading the Supply Chain Ecosystem.

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