Working with Supply Chain Asia for Corporate Development and Industry Focused Programs

Founded in 2005, Supply Chain Asia has evolved its platform with a singular focus to connect industry professionals through its web portal, printed magazine as well as events (dialogues, talks, forum and awards). Today, Supply Chain Asia connects the industry and has a wide following comprising of some of the world’s largest brand-owning companies, supply chain service vendors, and regulators of industry trends affecting the business of supply chains, logistics and Asia-related trade.

From 2021 onwards, Supply Chain Asia will suspend all web banners and direct advertisements in our web portal. Instead, we will work with companies on focused programs and industry-driven activities.

These can include the following:

  • A 3 or 6 months corporate development program. This will encompass posting of strategic web banners, publications of white papers and articles (non-advertorial) as well as hosting of on-demand or live webinars, exclusive events and closed-door dialogues (online or offline). Fees start from $5,000 per program, depending on the proposed outcome.
  • Industry-driven program. Define as an initiative that engages the overall eco-system in the industry comprising similar players, users and vendors. Sponsoring companies in such programs will get to dictate which companies/individuals will be involved in the various activities (similar to corporate development program) through discussion with Supply Chain Asia. Fees start from $5,000 per program, depending on the proposed outcome.
  • Named-sponsorship for major events. 2 major events falls into this category – Supply Chain Asia Forum and Supply Chain Asia Awards. Instead of multiple sponsors, we will work with ONE NAMED/EXCLUSIVE sponsor for both these events. For Supply Chain Asia Awards, the NAMED SPONSOR will not be entitled to any Awards – even if it qualifies. This is to ensure credibility and remove the misconception that Sponsors can get to win an Award. Fees start from $25,000 per named/exclusive sponsor.