Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

Supply Chain Asia provides a unique,
highly interactive skills & knowledge base training to the industry.

11-modules; 30-day training program

Academic Pathway development (Certificate Awarded by SMU Academy)

Full course fees funding through SCA training Grant

Course Overview

Supply chain management is under increasing pressure from both classic and contemporary challenges, such as pressure to increase overall efficiency and manage a more complicated vendor mix, respectively. Today, a host of digital innovations offer more opportunities to address these challenges.

For all the effort that companies devote to improving the performance of their supply chains, relatively few have unlocked the full potential of digital technologies. Seizing that opportunity, however, has proved surprisingly difficult for many companies. A common error is to overlook operational changes that would let a company take full advantage of digital technologies.

This Advanced Diploma is a programme offered by SMU Academy and facilitated by Supply Chain Asia. This programme provides a stepping stone to participants who are keen to upgrade and expand their knowledge in the ever-green and dynamic supply chain industry. It is a practice-based programme which seeks to equip participants with a holistic overview of the supply chain business function involving the digital transformation of the supply chain operations.

Program Outline

Part 1 – Advanced Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
This is an operations-oriented programme designed to bring participants through a series of logistics and supply chain operating environment within an organisation. The various modules covered in this part include:

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (2-day)
Module 2 – Supply Chain Operations Management (2-day)
Module 3 – Multimodal and Transportation Management (2-day)
Module 4 – Air and Sea Freight Operations Management (3-day)
Module 5 – Warehousing & Logistics Management (3-day)
Module 6 – Trade Regulation, Facilitation and Compliance Management (3-day)

Part 2 – Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Innovation and Transformation

This programme aims to provide participants with leading-edge practices from the digital world that can improve their company’s growth, flexibility, speed and efficiency. In this practice-based training programme, participants will be equipped with a holistic overview of the supply chain business function involving the transformation of the supply chain operations. The various covered in this part includes:

Module 1 – Digitalisation of Supply Chains: Insights and Outlook (3-day)
Module 2 – Innovation Toolkit and Project Management (3-day)
Module 3 – Internet of Things: Sensors & Actuators (3-day)
Module 4 – Autonomous Technologies & Robotics (3-day)
Module 5 – Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (3-day)

Participants will be awarded the Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Innovation and Transformation upon completion of both Advanced Certificate programmes.

Participants can also opt to take up individual modules for each program but will need to complete all modules within 2 years to qualify for the award of Advanced Certificate and Advanced Diploma.

Next Intake

May 2023.