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Achieving Hiring Success in Logistics and Supply Chain

Achieving Hiring Success in Logistics and Supply Chain

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Recruitment is one of most fundamental practices to ensure both short and long-term organisation’s growth. Given the importance of human capital for the sustainability of the business, it needs the right hiring strategy to find qualified talents who can perform their functions properly.

Not only having skilled competences, talents are also expected to showcase particular personality traits and values that fit the company culture.

In logistics and supply chain management, when hiring managers find the suitable talents to fill certain job roles, the business will likely develop, improve service and operation, ensure customer satisfaction, and see increased productivity.

On the contrary, if a wrong person is assigned to do particular tasks, this could make serious blunders as it will mess up the business plan, delay distribution to clients, and also lead to disorganised inventory management. If such problem areas are not addressed immediately, it will cost businesses a fortune to cover the losses, while ruining company’s reputation to make you build from the scratch.

Indeed, employers should think ahead to invest in the right people who can bring about significant changes for the company good. To avoid worst-case scenarios that might occur on hiring the wrong talents, here are some tips for achieving hiring success in logistics and supply chain:

Define your ideal hire

You cannot decide if someone is right for a particular job or not, when you do not have a specific benchmark of quality and standards to be achieved. Before posting out your job openings, you are required to find out the kind of qualifications that you expect from your future employees.

Define the competencies, skillsets, attitudes, and principles for your ideal hire, so that you can better assess candidates who are applying to work for your organisation.

Conduct proper background check

If your job role requires someone who is reliable and accountable to deal with logistics and supply chain management – hiring managers should ensure that they have adequate ability and experience before handing over the contract letter to the candidates. This can be analysed not just from the resume, hiring managers also need to do a thorough background check to probe deeper into the talents’ track record in the past.

During the interview, you should reveal applicants’ core values, motivations, skills, strengths, weaknesses, professional experience in the field, as well as career goals. If necessary, you can crosscheck the information you get, by contacting their former employers listed in the references.

Hire slow, fire fast

It takes time to find the right people for the right seat, so you cannot do it hastily. Hiring new employee is a huge investment for your company, and everyone wants a good returns on investments. Do not rush the hiring process, even if you urgently need someone to fill particular job roles.

Instead, you should take time to carefully assess the qualities, qualifications and skills offered by the potential candidates. However, regardless of your best efforts to conduct recruitment, there will be a time when it turns out that your new hires cannot meet the company’s expectation. When such cases occur, and you see no efforts from them to grow, it is time to be professional and discharge them right away.

Take advantage of employee’s network

People with positive traits are usually surrounded by like-minded individuals. Compared to other recruitment strategies, employee referral is proven to be the most effective way to find qualified candidates. Take advantage of your top players’ network to approach skilled talents and add them to your channel. Through this way, you can on time and costs involved in logistics and supply chain recruitment process.

Additionally, this simple scheme will boost your chances of hiring better talents for the team. Hiring process likewise for any industry including logistics and supply chain is not an easy task to accomplish. One of the major issues in this field is the lack of talent with skillsets in-demand.

Amidst high demand for professionals for their respective fields, only few qualified candidates are available in the talent pool. Therefore, you should use the right strategy to attract the right talents to your channel.

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