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75% of cargo theft incidents are conducted via this mode of transport

75% of cargo theft incidents are conducted via this mode of transport


BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions and leading international transport and logistics insurer, TT Club launched the first joint 2018 Semi-Annual Global Cargo Theft Intelligence and Advisory Report.

The report brings together threat and intelligence data from BSI’s supply chain security country risk intelligence tool, SCREEN and TT Club’s insurance risk management and loss prevention insights.

Several key findings from the TT Club/BSI report highlight the severe impact which cargo theft has on global supply chains. As highlighted in the report, the Food and Beverage sector suffers from the highest rates of cargo crime across the globe, accounting for 27% of all incidents; whilst Consumer Products and Hi-Tech Electronics industries suffer high rates of cargo theft as well.

Transport by road is the most often targeted mode for cargo crime across the globe, attributed to over 75% of all cargo theft incidents, with warehousing being the second most vulnerable target (19%).

BSI and TT Club have authored this report to demonstrate their shared goal of educating the transport and manufacturing sectors about the dynamic cargo theft risks present across the globe.

With an enhanced awareness of cargo crime trends across the globe, the industry will be able to engage in a proactive approach in preventing cargo crime and also minimise the financial loss and brand reputation damage that results from cargo crime.

The BSI/TT ClubSemi-Annual Global Cargo Theft Intelligence Report –2018 is available here –