Supply Chain Asia to Host Session at TOC Asia in Singapore – Discuss the impact of ‘Industry 4.0’ on Supply Chain & Logistics

Industry 4.0 brings together autonomous technologies, Internet of Things and analytics to enhance the manufacturing and supply chain operations of companies. This aggregation of technologies is expected to make a worker faster, smarter and stronger.

Industry 4.0 brings on another challenge – getting workers ready to be part of this new revolution, either in the areas of support or innovation.  The panelists in this session will discuss what more should be done to prepare for changes impacting the shipping and logistics sectors.


Allen Wan, Head of Supply Chain, Diageo
Michael Koh, Head of Strategic Sourcing Technology, APAC, Dimension Data, NTT Group Companies
Daphne Ng, Founder/CEO, JEDTrade
Navin Salian, Senior Manager, Logistics, Microsoft

The exclusive session hosted by SCA is from 4.00-6.30pm, including a cocktail from 5.30-6.30pm. To sign up, please feel up the form below.

TOC Asia - 24th Apr (SCA Hosted Dialogue)

Exclusive access to SCA members to TOC Asia Conference @ MSB from 4.00-6.30pm (inclusive of Cocktail session)