What is it?

Disruption forces us to change the way we think or do business. It compels us to look at things in a whole new way and turning challenges into opportunities in the process. Before we can push the logistics industry to adopt, implement and embrace innovation, we need to first ask ourselves: ‘How can innovation drive logistics businesses in 2017 and beyond?’ In Supply Chain Hackathon 2017, we aim to bring together the brightest young talent at one of the industry’s top events – the Supply Chain Week 2017.

How to register?

Participation is free.

There are no registration fees involved.

• Register as a team (3-pax each)
• Only open to students


Sign up as a team of 3

• Announcement of shortlisted participants – Early July

• Opening of Supply Chain Hackathon – 18 Sept (afternoon)

• Boot Camp and Solutions presentation – 19 & 20 Sept

• Prize presentation – 20 Sept (mandatory for all team members to attend)

All teams will be presenting their solutions during Supply Chain Asia Forum 2017. A panel of judges comprising industry experts, VCs, entrepreneurs and senior business executives will evaluate and select the top 3 winners. All finalists can expect wide coverage of their proposed solutions/innovations as well as opportunity to commercialise their solutions, find early adopters or even secure new business and job appointments. Teams are not expected to provide a prototype on the day of the presentation.

Panel of Judges

Will comprise senior executives, VCs, and industry professionals with keen interest to explore adoption of viable solutions and apps

The logistics and supply chain world is facing unprecedented challenges from disruptive technologies. Talent will be hard hit in terms of displacement and challenges in attracting the top talent will only escalate. How then are logistics companies, supply chain professionals and businesses going to innovate, adapt and drive business growth in the next 5 years?

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for mentors and corporate sponsors! Corporate sponsors can drive specific problems/challenges and host teams to craft solutions that are aligned to their respective organisation needs.


SC Hackathon 2017 will be held in conjunction with SC Week at Supply Chain City at 8 Bulim Avenue.


For more information

For more information, kindly email admin@scasia.org