The innovation playground

The Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) is designed to host displays of the latest applied logistics and supply chain technologies and solutions in the industry.

The Innovation Playground aims to become a place for trial, testing and launching of new and innovative solutions for the industry by bringing together accelerators, integrators, technology and equipment companies, start-ups, academic and research institutions.

The platform will display and test new logistics and supply chain developments and applications by targeting innovations that could be adopted for faster, more flexible, and ecologically sound logistics and supply chain of the future.

Showcases & Solutions

Equipment Technology The Equipment Technology area will be the core of the SCLIP structure. It will showcase innovative equipment, Augmented Reality (AR) devices and Internet of Things (IoTs) in an “applied” logistics-operating environment. The aim is to allow the equipment/prototypes to be tested and demonstrated on its usefulness and create a hands-on experience for visitors. Cost of adoption and technology readiness will be discussed and promoted in the playground to ensure that all aspects of integrating such technologies are fully explored.

Digital Technology Software technologies, data analytics, control tower solutions and other digital applications will be set up in this area. SCA Logistics Productivity Indicators, World Bank Logistics Performance Index, as well as other statistical tools and measurement of industry performances will be constantly updated in this area to give an account of the impact of inefficiencies on the company’s and country’s economic performance.

Urban Logistics/Smart Nation This area will present the latest innovation that affects the urban logistics and Singapore Smart Nation initiative. Some of these will include adoption of driverless vehicles for fixed distance drops, last mile logistics and distribution, e-commerce, drones and lockers system.

Training at Innovation Playground

The Innovation Playground will be used as a training platform for the following programmes:

• Industry Induction Programme (1/2 day)

• Supply Chain Innovation Workshop (1 day)

• Young Logistics Leadership Programme (3 days)

• Supply Chain Leadership Development Programme (5 days)

For more details, kindly visit our website at (link to be set up soon)

SME Innovation Adoption Support Centre

The Innovation Playground will provide specially guided services to assist companies seeking to adopt new logistics and supply chain technologies and solutions. Services provided include:


Provides information and details on the various types of technologies and applications


Support in identifying suitable applications


Provision of manpower and resources support to facilitate implementation

Supply Chain Asia Associates Network team will work with interested companies to explore various solutions. For companies with operations in Singapore, the team will also explore the application for supporting grants from the government agencies, such as SPRING or the Economic Development Board.

Site Visits & Guided Tour

SCLIP is open to corporate and public visitors through a guided tour.

To visit SCLIP, visitors will need to:

Book a timeslot at

Visiting hours: 1000-1200hrs/1400-1600hrs (based on availability)

No walk-ins accepted

Solutions Display Space and Supply Chain & Logistics Marketplace

Solutions Display Space

• Solutions display space range from 200-500 sq ft
• Base provision of carpet and cost of setup will need to be borne by partners

Supply Chain & Logistics Marketplace

• Provision of a space for a pop-up kiosk*

*Partners will need to provide their own kiosk and equipment

For more information on renting the space, kindly email


SCLIP is hosted at Supply Chain City at 8 Bulim Avenue.

Sign up Details

Slot booking will be available at a later date.

In the meantime, kindly register your interest at, or email to find out more.