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A nexus of business process and technologies forces is ushering in unprecedented change for supply chain, logistics and last mile operations. This confluence of technologies, increasing customer demand and expectations as well as growth of smart cities is driving the revolution of supply chains today.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) today leverages on engineering, mathematics, big data and information technologies more than ever before. SCM today needs an environment that does not just ask “what happened” but one that ask “what’s going to happen”. For such an environment to develop, we need technologies that have the ability to react and learn.

Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) is designed to showcase latest logistics and supply chain technologies and solutions in an “appliedenvironment”. The aim is to make SCLIP a place for trial, testing and launching new and innovative solutions for the industry by bringing together accelerators, integrators, technology and equipment companies, startups, academic and research institutions. Through this Innovation Playground, SCLIP targets to encourage adoption of new technologies and innovation in the logistics and supply chain world.

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Showcases & Solutions

Empowering People and Warehouses: Augmented Reality, Use of Sensory Devices, Wearables Robotics and Technologies, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Warehouse Robotics and Automation, Picking Technologies and Drones

Digital Technologies: Software. Systems. Mobile Applications. Data. Analytics. Control Tower. Block Chain. Supply Chain Finance and FinTech. IoTs. Use of Analytics – Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive.

Transportation and Urban Logistics: Paperless trade platforms. Driverless vehicles. Pilotless ships. Drones. City logistics. National locker system. The role of logistics and its impact on the growth of smart cities.

Virtual Reality: Setup of Virtual and Augmented Reality with in SCLIP

Model Warehouse: Showcase a “man-less” warehouse integrating various industry solutions

Robotics: Display of robotics and automation solutions for the industry

Training & Development: Development of specialised training programs focusing on new tech and innovation

Virtual Reality and 3D

The Innovation Playground will host a 3D and virtual reality section showcasing a man-less opeated warehouse, a fully automated port and how logisitcs is being managed in smart cities. The VR environment will allow visitors to interact and immense themselves in the future of logisitcs and explore a virtual world of automaton and robotics.

Site Visits & Guided Tour

SCLIP is open to corporate and public visitors through a guided tour.

To visit SCLIP, visitors will need to:

Book a timeslot at

Visiting hours: 1000-1200hrs/1400-1600hrs (based on availability)

No walk-ins accepted

Corporate Training & Workshops

• SCA provides customised training on the application of technologies and solutions for the industry.

• SCLIP conducts regular workshops.

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Upcoming Professional Development Training @ Innovation Playground

• Industry Induction Program (1/2 Day)

• Supply Chain Innovation Masterclass (1-3 days)

• Young Logistics Leadership Program (3 days)

• Supply Chain Executive Development Program (5 days)

Supply Chain City is located in the Jurong Innovation District (JID), located at the Western part of Singapore. JID is a 600 hectare innovation district covering Nanyang Technological University (NTU), CleanTech Park, and the surrounding areas of Bulim, Bahar and Tengah. As one of the last large greenfield sites in Singapore, and JID presens a unique opportunity for the development of a large-scale, next-generation district that will transform our manufacturing landscape and serve as a new model for how we work, live, play, learn and create.

SCLIP will be set up at Supply Chain City at 8 Bulim Avenue.


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Solutions Display Space and Supply Chain & Logistics Marketplace

Solutions Display Space

• Solutions display space range from 200-500 sq ft

• Base provision of carpet and cost of setup will need to be borne by partners

Supply Chain & Logistics Marketplace

• Provision of a space for a pop-up kiosk*

*Partners will need to provide their own kiosk and equipment

For more information on renting the space, kindly email

About Supply Chain Asia

Supply Chain Asia is a not-for-profit professional body that aims to bring professionals from within the logistics and supply chain industry together to share knowledge, learn from one another and create

opportunities for collaborations. The three main focus of the company are connecting people from various sectors of the industry, encouraging communication amongst professionals and creating opportunities for collaborations. The four main pillars of the organisations are memberships, events, academy and publications.

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