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OnRobot opens regional office in Singapore, eyes huge automation potential in Southeast Asia

Denmark-based OnRobot, the “one-stop shop for end-of-arm tooling”, has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in Singapore. OnRobot will closely focus on the growing demand of end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) in robotics automation in Southeast Asia.

OnRobot specialises in EOAT for collaborative applications, where machines and humans come together to automate, for faster and cost-effective production. OnRobot currently has nine products comprising grippers, sensors and tool changers. The EOAT provider aims to reach 40 to 50 products, including grippers, sensors, vision and other technologies to enable collaborative robot solutions in Southeast Asia and across the world.

OnRobot plans to aggressively target Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia that have high industrial robot density. With major demand in Southeast Asia coming from industries such as electronics, automotive and CNC machining, and with huge potential for collaborative automation, the region is an important market for OnRobot.

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