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New JDA/SCDigest study reveals gap between 3PLs’ and shippers’ innovation expectations

Digitization of everything continues to take a foothold in supply chain, including big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), but how does this translate into innovation for third party logistics providers (3PLs)? A new report from JDA Software Group, Inc., and Supply Chain Digest (SCDigest) reveals that 69 percent of shippers surveyed feel innovation is very important to their relationship with 3PLs (tweet this).

 The report entitled “3PLs Are Buzzing with Innovation: Bridging the Gap Between 3PLs and Shippers” commissioned by JDA and conducted by SCDigest, reveals the true state of innovation as seen by both shippers and logistics companies from surveying more than 100 shippers and 3PLs.

This unique report provides drill-down insights from shippers’ and 3PLs’ perspectives, revealing actionable insights that will foster better, more profitable collaboration, while meeting rising customer expectations for speed, flexibility and satisfaction.

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