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New AI based system eliminates downtime by accurately predicting equipment failures

BISTel, one of the leading providers of adaptive intelligence (AI) solutions for smarter manufacturing, has announced China’s first real-time, equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance (HMP) solution that provides Chinese semiconductor and electronics manufacturers with real-time fault detection, classification and predictive analytics to let customers know when equipment might fail or when it will require servicing.

In addition, BISTel’s new HMP solution lets Chinese semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing customers know the remaining useful life of their equipment.

For manufacturers, equipment downtime and failures due to defective or failing components is a drag on productivity, quality and profitability. BISTel’s new HMP solution integrates AI based advanced machine learning technologies to help customers detect and classify faults real-time, then uses predictive analytics to determine when faults might occur in the future or when maintenance should be done. As a result, downtime is vastly reduced, and productivity is greatly increased.

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