Professional Conversion Programme for e-Commerce Supply Chain Professionals Managed and Facilitated by Supply Chain Asia

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prescription carisoprodol In the last few years, there has been increasing interest in the development of e-Commerce and its impact on retail, supply chain, logistics and distribution management. These impact are most acutely felt in the lack of skilled manpower needed to meet the needs of the companies involved.

Soma Coupon Codes The exponential growth in e-Commerce is expected to continue its global trend and Singapore is also anticipated to continue to experience intense growth in this sector in the next few years. The extended impact and disruption of this trend will be further felt in the retailing, wholesale, distribution and last mile logistics operations.

purchase soma para que sirve el medicamento naproxeno carisoprodol e-Commerce Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme (eSC PCP)

order carisoprodol eSC PCP is a workplace training-centric programme that seeks to equip trainees with practical e-Commerce supply chain management skills and knowledge.

Highly recommended The programme aims to address the skills and knowledge gap of Trainees through:

find here KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS INCLUDE areas in supply chain, procurement, sourcing, merchandising, last mile logistics and customer service that can be applied in e-Commerce Supply Chain.

Far more FOR companies involved in retail, wholesale and distribution, who are setting up e-Commerce strategies to optimise the omni-channel distribution opportunities. It is also suitable for companies managing last mile logistics and distribution services with a strong focus on e-Commerce.

Pre-requisites≥ 2 years working experience + minimum NITEC certification + keen to acquire skills in e-Commerce Supply Chain + Singaporean/PR
Suitable forMid-Career individuals who are interested to explore taking on a e-Commerce Supply Chain role
Skills & Knowledge Training
Some key areas of skills & knowledge training focus:
• Ability to analyse internet-based business models and unique challenges of running such businesses
• Gain operational knowledge to handle all aspects of the e-Commerce chain: vendors, aggregators, logistics, technology, and the customer
• Gain appreciation of information systems used to enhancebusiness processes in the e-Commerce space
Place & Train Programme
All Trainees are expected to undergo: ≥ 12-month commitment within an operating e-Commerce/Distribution environment + Structured training
Work within an e-Commerce / Distribution Environment + Undergo a 12-month structured training
Receive full-time salary + Training fees will be borne by the sponsoring company
Upon completion of the programme, trainees will be issued an Advanced Certificate in e-Commerce Supply Chain Operations Management by Supply Chain Asia

Training Programme All trainees must complete 15-day classroom training with SCA.

carisoprodol with alcohol The 15-day training will cover such topics as:

What Is Soma 250 Mg • Introduction to Basics of e-Commerce – Supply Chain & Delivery
• Procurement & Merchandising
• e-Commerce Technologies
• Marketing & Retail Analytics
• Disruptive Technologies
• Marketing for the Digital Economy
• Operations Management
• Transportation & Last Mile Logistics

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

is carisoprodol a good muscle relaxer All trainees are expected to complete an OJT stretched across 12 months in one:

check that • Sourcing Management
• Merchandising Management
• Warehousing & Operations
• Marketplace Management
• Customer Service Operations Management
• Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting
• e-Commerce IT System & Technologies The Standard OJT blueprints will be provided by Supply Chain Asia and companies can work with SCA to contextualise the blueprints to fit into its own operating environment.

Supply Chain Asia Professional Development Engagement Platform Supply Chain Asia will set up a designated team to support the trainee and supporting companies in the following areas:

carisoprodol for tooth pain • Assist sponsoring company in designing the OJT blueprint structure
• Provide face-to-face training (conducted over 15 days) in the following areas:

More hints o Introduction to Basics of eCommerce – Supply Chain & Delivery
o Procurement & Merchandising
o e-Commerce Technologies
o Marketing & Retail Analytics
o Disruptive Technologies
o Marketing for the Digital Economy
o Operations Management
o Transportation and Last Mile Logistics

Recommended Training will be conducted on site at Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Playground (SCLIP) and selected e-Commerce companies. Site visits will be conducted to various local e-Commerce operators, which will be provided to the trainees when they sign up.

Company Support Companies who signed up for eSC PCP can expect the following support:

Carisoprodol Overdose Symptoms • Provision of samples of OJT templates that could be applied within the company’s operating environment
• Salary subsidy for trainees (Course fee is S$7,500 per trainee for the 12-month programme)

CriteriaSalary SupportCourse Fee Support
For Singaporeans/PRs (<40 yrs old)70%* or capped at S$4,000 per month70% Course Fee support. Nett Fee payable S$2,250 (S$2,407.50 w/ GST)
For Singaporeans (>40 yrs old) or unemployed for at least 6 months90%* or capped at S$6,000 per month (only for Singapore citizens)90% Course fee support ** Nett fee payable: S$2,250 (S$2,407.50 w/ GST)(20% to be claim after course completion)

web site *Funding caps may apply **Enhanced course fee support is applicable for SMEs or Singapore Citizens 40 years and above, eligible companies will need to pay SCA S$2,250 (or S$2,407.50 w/ GST) and claim the additional 20% (S$1,500) via SkillsConnect upon completion of the 15 days facilitated training.

Support for Companies

carisoprodol prices street Customised OJT training programmes | Advisory and consulting support for innovation project

web page link *applicable for the eligible newly employed SC/PR career switchers

Trainees Support Trainees can expect to gain practical skills and knowledge over a period of 12-month in the programme. A summary of the programme include:

Soma Pills What Are They for • Monthly classroom/industry site training and engagement with domain experts
• Training programmes provided during classroom interaction will include:

o Introduction to Basics of e-Commerce – Supply Chain & Delivery
o Procurement & Merchandising
o e-Commerce Technologies
o Marketing & Retail Analytics
o Marketing for the Digital Economy
o Operations Management
o Transportation & Last Mile Logistics

• All trainees will also be provided access to industry experts for mentoring and coaching support

Support for Individuals

Personalised training programme | Mentoring and coaching support | Focus on new trends and developments in Innovation

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