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Consumers are still not happy with their e-commerce delivery experience, a new survey by Parcel Perform & iPrice Group

Despite being the fastest growing e-commerce region with over 62 per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) growth over the last three years, delivery continues to be a challenge in Southeast Asia, a new survey by Parcel Perform and iPrice Group reveals.

The survey was conducted with 80,000 e-commerce consumers across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia by Parcel Perform, the leading carrier-independent e- commerce parcel tracking SaaS platform with over 600 logistics carriers.

The survey shows that 34 per cent of Southeast Asian consumers continue to see parcel delivery as the biggest pain point in e-commerce. In addition, over 90 per cent of customer complaints and negative feedback are related to late delivery or a lack of communication about delivery statuses.

Faster deliveries continue to make consumers happy, with customer satisfaction rates decreasing as transit time increases. Comparing across countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam consumers are more satisfied with their e-commerce delivery experience as compared to Indonesia and Malaysia.

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