SC Innovation Workshop

SC Innovation Workshop is a free workshop designed to promote and help professionals understand the impact of Industry 4.0 on supply chain and logistics. To reserve your seat – click here.

e-Commerce Supply Chain Workshop

e-Commerce Supply Chain Workshop is a part of the series of training provided under the e-Commerce Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme. The workshop provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities posed by the proliferation of e-Commerce and its impact on the supply chain. To reserve your seat – click here.

eCommerce Supply Chain PCP (eSC PCP)

The eSC PCP course is a new programme designed to support the career development and transition of PMETs in Singapore. If you are keen to learn more or participate in this programme, click here – click here.

Supply Chain Asia Industry Night 2018

Supply Chain Asia Industry Night 2018 will be held in 22 November, with about 30 awards to be presented. Additional event details are currently being confirmed. Please check back again soon.