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Bolloré Logistics unveils Blue Hub, a next-generation building combining sustainable development and innovation

Bolloré Logistics unveils Blue Hub, a new, state-of-the-art site in western Singapore. The 50,000 m2 warehouse is fully automated with a view to supporting the growth of customers in the perfumes and cosmetics sector.

Blue Hub stands apart through its equipment and leading-edge technology. The site features an automated multi-shuttle system for optimising storage density while ensuring optimal inventory rotation. It is also equipped with a 43-meter-tall Spiralveyor® conveyor with high energy efficiency, generating energy savings of up to 87 per cent and thus reducing costs.

Blue Hub will also be home to B.Lab, a regional innovation platform fostering collaborative work between sector stakeholders, with the aim of developing value-creating solutions using robotics, digital, and sustainable technologies. In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation, Bolloré Logistics seeks to contribute to the innovation ecosystem through this new platform. To that end, B.Lab will work with local universities to train young minds on creative thinking and the creation of logistics solutions.

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