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Bolloré Logistics Singapore launches pilot project on robotic process automation

Bolloré Logistics has launched a pilot RPA project in Singapore to drive productivity and enhance customer service through the automation of key business processes.

RPA is an application of advanced software and algorithms to complete routine tasks and repetitive operation processes.

Implemented with the support of Accenture, this pilot project covers multiple aspects of freight forwarding operations, such as the accurate and timely update of transportation timestamps, creation of transportation files within the Transport Management System (TMS), and invoice dispatching to customers.

The business processes selected for enhancement under this pilot project were previously manually intensive, repetitive, and prone to human error.

With the implementation of RPA, the original processes are mimicked by software robots that are programmed by one of the market leaders in RPA tools.

“With the removal of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the business process owners can be up-skilled to perform higher value added tasks, focusing on client communication, proactive shipment monitoring, and complex coordination,” says Cyril Dumon, CEO Asia-Pacific for Bolloré Logistics.

Following the successful pilot rollout in Singapore, Bolloré Logistics is looking to expand rapidly the implementation of RPA in the Asia-Pacific region and to extend it to other processes within the organisation.

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