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The Answer to Everyday Low Price
Omnicommerce, Supply Chain Diversion & the New Supply Chain Paradigm
Moving Up the Rungs
More Turbulence Ahead
Building a Healthy Inventory
Unleashing the Potential of Myanmar Today
Am I Effectively Retaining My Best Talents?
The Answer to Everyday Low Price It is obvious that Walmart looks at China as a key strategic market, but how is the company managing ongoing challenges, such as poor infrastructure, while maintaining low prices for its customers? Mr Scott Price, Executive Vice President of Strategy and International Development, Walmart International, shares his thoughts on the company’s plans for the region.
Omnicommerce, Supply Chain Diversion & the New Supply Chain Paradigm Omnichannel, driven by e-commerce, is the dynamic way to do business. It is a way firms market and sell across channels for B2C and B2B. e-Commerce and omnichannel--omnicommerce--has become a new business model that extends markets and industries. Even more, the new model has created the new supply chain paradigm, global in scope and impact.
Moving Up the Rungs To the newcomers who aspire to break into the supply chain and logistics industry, you should be commended for having a good eye. While the industry does not have a glamorous reputation, what power the supply chain professionals have is discrete and essential to global and local movement of goods.
More Turbulence Ahead Indications that the air cargo sector in Asia is on the mend are spurring airlines to look with more optimism towards the second half of 2014. A sustained annual growth of freight tone kilometres (FTK) between 3-4 per cent would allow airlines to make capital investments in improving or refreshing their fleets and facilities.
Building a Healthy Inventory Behind every strong supply chain is a healthy inventory that carefully balances service with cost: too much stock ties up valuable working capital that could otherwise be used to grow the business, while too little stock compromises service objectives and impairs revenue growth. Striking the right balance is the key to achieving long-term profitable growth and is especially important in Asia where volatile markets and changes in consumer demand continually challenge manufacturers.
Unleashing the Potential of Myanmar Today Myanmar, with a population of 60 million, is the world’s 24th most populous country. At almost 680,000 square kilometres, it is also the world’s 40th largest country with tremendous mineral wealth. As the second largest in Southeast Asia, it has the potential to be one of the region’s biggest economies.
Am I Effectively Retaining My Best Talents? That is the million-dollar question for any manager, senior executive and CEO in a company as they evaluate their employee management strategies and tactics. While some say it is relatively easier to attract talents, it may not be as straightforward when it comes to retaining them.

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